Human Resources

Our Company's Human Resources Policy; main principles,

Our Company's Human Resources Policy is to use human resources efficiently in order to become a customer-oriented company that continues to increase its contribution to the Turkish economy, values its employees, is open to change, is a leader in its region, uses its resources efficiently as a corporate company, is sensitive to the environment, occupational health and safety, complies with quality standards, believes in the creativity of its employees.

The goal of our Human Resources Policy is to plan, select, recruit, employ, assign to service units, develop human resources that will ensure the effective and efficient performance of the work in our company, to make plans for meeting training needs by determining their training needs, to implement, to determine and realise competencies.

Basic principles of our human resources policy;

  • To establish and implement a system for determining the qualifications, selection and recruitment of human resources suitable for the tasks to be carried out,
  • To determine, implement and evaluate the results for the benefit of the Company in order to ensure that our personnel do not fall behind in all kinds of developments and changes in the nature of their work, to increase their job satisfaction, to gain the necessary knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours to ensure that they are more successful in the business environment,
  • To develop a performance management system that will enable the staff to evaluate the results of their own work and the results of their individual success and to provide fair and equal opportunities in the implementation of this system,
  • To ensure the most effective evaluation of our employees at all levels who ensure the continuous development of the personnel within the organisation, prepare themselves for responsibilities above their current position, and are willing to take responsibility,
  • To collect information about the scope of work performed in the institution, human resource requirements and working conditions, to make job analyses to evaluate this information, to prepare job descriptions in accordance with changing conditions,
  • To develop systems to encourage success and creativity by providing working conditions appropriate to the nature of the service provided and to keep job satisfaction at the highest level,
  • To provide domestic and foreign training opportunities for staff to improve their professional knowledge and skills,
  • To direct the applications to be made by taking the opinions of the employees through surveys and similar ways,
  • To ensure the formation of "Corporate Culture and Awareness" that will reinforce the loyalty to the Institution by meeting the social and cultural needs of the personnel in order to increase their productivity and encourage them to work.

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