Our Responsibilities

In line with its corporate values, S Oil has determined its responsibilities towards its stakeholders, employees and society as follows

In the face of the law;

To carry out all its operations in accordance with the requirements of the legal legislation, to fulfil its financial obligations such as tax etc. completely and to provide constructive support for the formation of sectoral legislation,

Towards society;

To be sensitive to and respect social values, to be intertwined and in solidarity with the society, to contribute to the solution of social problems and to lead social progress,

To its shareholders;

To increase the value of the company, to provide dividends in return for the investment made and to provide timely and accurate information about the operation and practices of the company,

Towards its employees;

To evaluate and reward their performances fairly, to offer development and career opportunities, to provide a working environment and conditions suitable for their needs, and to attach importance to their personalities, opinions and suggestions,

To its dealers;

To be in healthy and continuous communication, to invest in and strengthen the brand, to develop new products and services, to provide training and application support and to provide excellent service,

To its Individual and Corporate Consumers;

To offer products with quality and cost in accordance with their expectations, to show sensitivity to their expectations and complaints,

Towards its suppliers ;

To be in constant communication, to select its suppliers in a transparent and equitable manner and to provide development, opportunity and support by making long-term co-operation as much as possible.