Mission and Vision

Our Mission

  • To be a leader in the sectors in which we operate,
  • To realise long-term and continuous investments in the national and international arena,
  • Creating employment in the economy,
  • To provide added value to the economy,
  • To give importance to modern education in order to create a skilled labour force for the country.

Our Vision

To provide the best products and services in every field in which it operates, especially fuel oil, by prioritising high quality and safety standards with the working principle in accordance with the values of the Acar Group Community, in a socially and environmentally sensitive manner.




Our quality policy

Soil, which has created a systematic team work with the "Total Quality Management" approach it has adopted since the day it was founded, has taken an important step in this regard. The primary goal of the application is to provide competitive advantage. For this purpose, Soil, which further develops its "customer focus" understanding and ensures that employees take an active role in the quality process, continues to gain success with the new solutions it implements.