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*This is the ceiling sales price including VAT reported to EMRA by S Oil. Our dealers are free to sell at any price they want, provided that it does not exceed the ceiling price. You can view the S Oil ceiling pump sales price for any province you want from the list above, according to the change date. Pump prices may vary by province due to changes in transportation and refinery costs.

Welcome to Siyam Petrolcülük A.Ş.


Our History

Siyam Petrolcülük A.Ş. is a fuel oil storage and distribution company established in May 2000. Siyam Petrolcülük, which operated in the field of fuel oil storage in its first years, focused on infrastructure works from 2000 to the second half of 2006 and solved the supply and stock problem, which was the biggest problem of the oil distribution company.

Why Soil?


Product Quality

Thanks to its improved formula, Adres Autogas provides the best comfort and performance in all seasons, unlike standard autogas.

Widespread Distribution Network

As Soil Petrol, we are on our way to be at every point where you can reach everywhere in Turkey.

Customer Satisfaction

As Soil Petrolleri, we listen to the opinions of our customers to become the most preferred petrol station brand in Turkey.

Soil Dealership

As Soil Petroleum, we are growing with our valuable stakeholders joining us every day. We welcome you to this profitable world.

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